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Year: 2021


The TCK Mindset

For the uninitiated, Third Culture Kids (TCKs for short) are individuals who have spent their formative years growing and adapting to a culture other than the one they were born

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In Search of Balance with The Bacchae

The IB Learner Profile includes the attribute of balance. Students have joked to me that it’s painfully ironic when teachers preach balance and in the same breath announce taxing summative

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international mindedness



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The Evolution of Robotics at OYIS

In the MYP classrooms, students learn basic skills in engineering and programming. They start with block-based coding with the Lego Mindstorm kits to python and later C++ with the VEX

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floor hockey

All About OYIS Athletics

OYIS Athletics provides extracurricular sports opportunities for all G1-G11 OYIS students, including Soccer/Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-Country, and Badminton. Along with many other international schools around Japan and the Kansai region,

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Summer Intensive Programs at OYIS

Stay engaged during the summer break! At OYIS External Programs, our summer Intensive Programs have a cross-disciplinary focused approach which is worked into all parts of each day. Each of

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Joining the IB Continuum

Osaka YMCA International School is a Three-Programme IB World School Osaka YMCA International School is pleased to announce that with the authorization of our Middle Years Programme (MYP), we have

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Pink Shirt Day 2021

• • • • Pink Shirt Day 2020/21. This year for Pink Shirt Day PYP collaborated with Saturday School. On the 20th of February, Saturday School spent much of the

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Literacy Week 2020/21

• • • • Literacy Week 2020/21. This year’s Literacy Week was filled with fun language-related activities for all students in the PYP and many chances to win points for

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Spring Intensive Program 2020/21

• • • • Spring Intensive Program 2020/21. OYIS External Programs Spring Intensives 2020/21 are here! With two sessions (both 4 days) of fun activities for the students, our classes

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Brendan O’Leary

Brendan O’Leary: What is Transformation at OYIS? At OYIS, we hear the word “transformation” a lot, but what do we mean? It means that we have the power to turn

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Announcing our New Website Launch

Osaka YMCA International School is delighted to announce the launch of our new website! With this new tool, we can connect with prospective and current community members more easily, and

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Janelle McNeill

Janelle McNeill, On Transformation in Early Childhood I’m lucky enough to be an Early Childhood teacher where I get to see transformation happen almost daily. Some of my students are

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