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Brendan O’Leary

Brendan O'Leary: What is Transformation at OYIS?

At OYIS, we hear the word “transformation” a lot, but what do we mean?

It means that we have the power to turn ourselves, our school, and our world into what we want to be. Transformation isn’t something that is done to us, it’s something we do together. Through the shared values of the Learner Profile, we grow into more caring, balanced, and principled people, while the ATL skills allow us to have more positive social interactions, to communicate, and manage ourselves.

Transformation happens at OYIS through inquiry. It starts from the principle that the best way to learn is by asking questions that connect to our lives, by understanding how the big ideas of the world around us work, and by collaborating to create unique solutions to our problems.

We believe that learning lasts for our whole lives and that the job of a teacher is to support and challenge students to grow. But transformation is more than this. We have a belief that we, both students and teachers, can change OYIS. This might be through creating art, organising projects, or staging events aimed at making our school a more beautiful and sustainable place.

Of course, it’s not only us that transforms – it’s the world around us. At OYIS we support students in becoming skillful in collaboration and in applying technology, empowering them to play a meaningful part in tackling global issues.

The notion of transformation extends beyond the walls of the school and into the community. Parents are valuable partners in our evolution through the parent volunteer group, coffee mornings, and interactive info sessions. In short, transformation at OYIS is personal, positive, and supported by the whole community.

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