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Community Involvement

We are lucky to have a community that is supportive and welcoming, thanks to its wonderful parent support and volunteer groups. Upon a child’s enrollment, every parent is welcome to join the Parent/Caregiver Volunteer Group (PVG). The PVG provides opportunities for members of the school community to come together in an atmosphere of goodwill and cooperation.

Please join us in supporting our children and community!

Role of the Community

OYIS believes in cooperating and collaborating with the greater OYIS community. Outside of the Student Support Team, many other members of the community have roles and responsibilities. Homeroom and classroom teachers create affirmative and responsive environments to promote a sense of belonging, safety, self-worth, and whole growth for every student. Parents and guardians communicate with the teams and collaborate to implement and monitor student goals and support plans. The students themselves are expected to communicate their needs and advocate for support, as well as create and respect community agreements.

Building Community

At OYIS, we believe that parental involvement underscores the shared responsibility that our school, our staff, and our families have towards student learning. 

Research shows that – at both the elementary and secondary level – when schools, parents, families, and communities work together, students:

  • earn higher grades;
  • attend school more regularly;
  • stay in school; and,
  • are more motivated.

This is true for students of all ages, all backgrounds, and across race and ethnicity. Furthermore, a variety of supports cutting across the spectrum of social, health, and academic needs may be necessary for school success.

Events & Activities

Parents at OYIS are involved in a multitude of community activities, both as planners and participants. Past events include:

  • International Fair
  • Lego Festival
  • Literacy Week
  • Sports Festival
  • Japanese New Year Celebration
  • Concerts and Drama Performances
  • Clubs and Coaching
  • Volunteering in the classroom

Parent Ambassador Program

OYIS has a Parent Ambassador program that welcomes new families into the community and helps them to settle into their new surroundings. The PAs helps families new to OYIS, and perhaps new to Japan, settle smoothly into school and the local community via emails or in-person contacts.

The parent liaison tries to match new families with a PA who has children in the same or similar grades as their children or come from the same home country.


We encourage parents/caregivers to participate directly in their child(ren)’s education as well. A rewarding way to do that is to volunteer in the classroom or for other events and activities. There are numerous opportunities for parents/caregivers to contribute directly to our collaborative approach to education:

  • Group-reading
  • Tutoring
  • Library support
  • Extracurricular activities (parties, field trips, after school clubs)

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