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PYP Celebration of the Arts 2021/22

PYP Celebration of the Arts 2021/22

Music Celebration

For the art celebration this year we wanted to make it as interactive as possible for the students to explore the multiple ways in which the arts can be celebrated. 

For the unit, who we are, grades 1 and 2 explored how music affects our health and wellbeing. We discussed how music affects our mood and created music for different spaces and images. For our current unit, how we organize ourselves, we are looking at how symbols communicate musical ideas by creating a soundscape with our own graphic notation and performing it in groups. 

For KA & KB, Who We Are, we looked at music from around the world and for our first unit, how we organize ourselves, we are looking at how we can use different spaces around the school to further explore sounds and music making. 

Preschool’s who we are unit was all about the 5 senses and how we use them to discover and learn about the world around us. The students used a lot of movement, dance, and artworks to respond to music and experimented with different instruments in the music room as well as making our own musical instruments outside. 

Art Celebration

Visitors to the PYP Art Gallery were able to view some of the amazing artwork from Grades 3 to 6. They could also see special contributions from EC, as well as Grade 1 and 2 students. There was an opportunity for students to leave feedback for their peers and share their own ideas related to the Grade 5&6 art unit.

Artists from Grades 3 and 4 inquired into artistic behaviours and the ways they help us discover and develop our individual style. At the end of the unit, they chose art pieces that expressed their style as an artist, to share with everyone in the Art Gallery.

The work chosen by Grades 5 and 6 artists represented an idea students had about the way humans connect with each other. This art was made in the process of understanding ways human experiences shape how we inquire and create. 

Visual Arts students have been working in thoughtful, independent and creative ways this semester, and in addition to the PYP Arts Celebration last week, their work is available to view using the online gallery- which can be found below!


Virtual Art Gallery

Please take the time to explore and enjoy our Virtual Art Gallery of all the students work!

Enjoying the event

Here is a video of our students enjoying the Celebration of the Arts!

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