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KA Field Trip to Apple Store

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KA Field Trip to Apple Store

KA recently had a magical learning experience doing a specially tailored Apple Field Trip focusing on iPad creativity and expression. From the very moment we walked into the Apple store, the energy, warmth and joy we felt instantly was a powerful beginning to a dismal rainy day in Osaka.

Learning new ways to manipulate technology to enhance conceptual awareness, teamwork and imaginative thinking were at the core of our workshop goals. The Apple trainer worked with our class vision to create a lesson that gave our class real skills but also showcased the fun possibilities of iPad programs. KA used the CLIPS program to take videos of each other with their iPads and then decorated their video footage with emojis, stickers, handwriting and background alterations. We then watched all these fun and silly creations on the big screen.

Our next challenge was to design our very own Emojis. KA are always so very dynamic in how they draw and express their feelings, so this task was a delightful addition to their learning time at Apple. We use iPads almost every day in KA, so this opportunity to learn from Apple experts was a very fortunate thing, and something we will treasure for a long time.

As it was a rainy day, our planned Utsubo Park Picnic plans were cancelled, but we instead had lunch at Green Station Park in Osaka station. With the fake grass and great views, it was a great alternative indeed. Osaka offers so many wonderful places to explore and enjoy, and KA wants to make as many connections with our community as we can. Being five is a magical time to learn about the world.

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