Intensive Programs

Intensive Programmes

At OYIS, we offer intensive English language learning programmes during vacation periods. These Intensive Programmes are open to both OYIS and non-OYIS students. The programmes are great for learning English and for interacting with foreigners. For second language students returning from English-speaking countries, these programmes are great for keeping their English language levels up.

Summer & Winter Wonderland

Summer Wonderland is here! OYIS is offering its amazing Summer Wonderland program at the end of June and early July. Get ready for fun-filled days of learning in English with your friends and awesome teachers. This year, we are opening admissions to everyone in the community. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun we’ll be having under the sun. Fill out the application form today or inquire at our front office.

Winter Intensive Program
Summer Intensive Program

Spring, Summer & Winter Intensive Programmes

OYIS spring, summer and winter intensive programmes are packed with lots of English learning and lots of fun. They are schedule at the same time as public school holidays. Please click the buttons below for full information and to apply online!

Now accepting student applications.

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