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School Service Information

School Bus

OYIS bus service runs morning and afternoon, 5 days a week. Full information regarding bus service can be found below.

School Lunch

OYIS offers an optional, fee-based school lunch for students on all major school days. Full information regarding lunch service and fees can be found below.

After School Child Care

After school child care is offered up to Grade 2. Full information regarding our after school child care service and fees can be found below.

School Service Calendar/Sign Up

Need to see the School Service Calendar or sign up for our Services? Scroll down to the bottom to find what you need.

School Bus

Please browse through the tabs below to find out full information regarding the bus service. Please note, the bus service is only available at Nakatsu campus for Preschool – Grade 8

School bus
  • Bus Timetable
  • Fees, Rules & Policy
  • Bus Stops
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri Bus A Bus B
Honmachi - 08:05
Fukushima - 08:15
Umeda - 08:25
Umeda - 08:30
OYIS - 08:35
OYIS - 08:40
OYIS - 16:10
OYIS - 16:10
Umeda - 16:20
Umeda - 16:20
Honmachi - 16:35
Fukushima 16:30


Bus A

Bus B

Honmachi - 08:05
Fukushima - 08:15
Umeda - 08:25
Umeda - 08:30
OYIS - 08:35
OYIS - 08:40
OYIS - 14:10
OYIS - 14:10
Umeda - 14:20
Umeda - 14:20
Honmachi - 14:35
Fukushima - 14:30

MYP Students

OYIS - 14:45

Umeda - 14:55
Fukushima - 15:05
Honmachi - 15:25

Term 1 - ¥14,800
Term 2 - ¥11,100
Term 3 - ¥11,100
Annually - ¥37,000

Notification regarding Bus Service
We would kindly ask for your cooperation in following the OYIS school bus rules. This is necessary for the smooth operation of the OYIS school bus. We would appreciate if you could review the following policy, which is in the student Handbook.

Especially, we need your cooperation to come to the bus stop 5 minutes prior to each bus departure & arrival time (article 3.3.). Separately, in case of absent or cancellation of the bus service on specific days, please make separate phone call to the bus phone number Bus A: 090-7551-6865 Bus B: 070-1596-4842

Important Note
The bus will not be able to wait for the late arrival students or late pick up. Again, we greatly appreciate your cooperation and support to come to the bus stop 5 minutes before the departure and arrival time.

Policy and Rules
Bus Policy
1. On days when the school is in session the school contracts a local bus company to transport students to school in the morning and home again in the afternoon.
2. The school does not own or operate the buses, nor does it employ the bus drivers.
3. Parents who wish their child to travel on the bus must submit School Service Form.
4. Once the number of requests hit a maximum, requests will be placed on a waiting list. Submission of a Transportation Request does not guarantee a place on a bus.
5. Use of a school bus is not included in school fees. Separate bus fee must be paid in advance.
6. Refunds will not be made on days when the bus is not used.
7. The number of bus routes operated will be determined annually by the number of Transportation Requests received and the economic viability of serving each route.

Bus Stops and Routes
1. Each bus will adhere to a published schedule of stops. For reasons of safety, no other stops will be permitted.
2. Stops may be added or withdrawn at any time to meet the changing enrolment of the school.
3. The routes served by each bus will be reviewed annually and changed to best meet the needs of the greatest number.
4. Every effort is made to accommodate parents’ requests but the school cannot and does not undertake to provide a route or a stop for the convenience of every student.

1. The School Office publishes and issues a schedule for each bus listing the times when each bus stop is served. These may be revised periodically as required.
2. Ordinarily, buses are timed to arrive at OYIS by no later than 8:50am and to depart OYIS by no later than 4:10pm, except on Wednesdays.
3. Students should be at the designated bus stop at least 5 minutes before pick-up time. The bus will not wait for late students.
4. For Early Childhood students, if the child’s parent is not at the designated bus stop in the afternoon to meet the child then the child will be brought back to OYIS. The bus cannot wait for late parents.

Bus Rules
1. All students riding a bus must be seated and must wear a seatbelt.
2. Students must obey the instructions of the Bus Driver, the Monitor or any teacher travelling on a bus.
3. Students may not eat or chew gum while travelling on a bus.
4. Students may drink water or tea from a PET bottle or Thermos with a cap. Cartons of juice and open cups are not permitted.
5. Bus windows must remain closed during the whole journey.
6. The bus door must not be interfered with.
7. Students must not play musical instruments while travelling on the bus.
8. Students whose behavior is unacceptable may be refused permission to ride on a bus.
9. In the case of absenteeism or cancellation of service by the parent, the office should be notified the day before.

Honmachi bus stop:

Umeda bus stop:

Fukushima bus stop

School Lunch

Available only at the Nakatsu campus for Grades Preschool-8. School lunch is provided according to the school calendar. If you would like to order or cancel lunch service, please inform the office by the 20th of each month. Service will be provided/cancelled from the following month.

Size and fee

Size Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annually
Preschool and Kindergarten
Grade 1 - Grade 6
Grade 7 - Grade 8

Policy and rules:
1. Must bring your own chopstick or cutlery set.
2. Lunch for students with allergy is available. Contact the office for further detail.
3. Payment should be made in advance.
4. Monthly menu is available on our website.
5. If you want to cancel the service for over one month, we can adjust the payment accordingly.

After School Child Care

After School Child Care

PS – G2
Mon. Tue. Thur. Fri – 16:00 to 18:00
Wed. – 14:00 to 18:00

13 students maximum

Temporary sign up – Sign up required the day before
Regular sign up – Please call the office and submit the school service form

500 yen per half an hour (* Wed. 2:00PM to 4:30PM is 500 yen)
Tickets are for sale at the office (Set of 11 for 5,000 yen)

Time until Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annually

Policy and rules:
1. Temporary sign up.
a) You can sign up for temporary service at the office the day before.
b) Any uninformed delay in picking up results in automatic sign up at least half an hour.
c) The tickets are available at the office and the payment should be made when you pick up your child(ren).
2. Any change of schedule should be notified to the office for the safety of the students.
3. In the event of a school emergency closure, there will be no service provided and no refund is applied.

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