Activities Programme

OYIS Activities Programme gives children the chance to explore their interests and the world beyond school walls. Activities, like school events, are also a chance for fun family participation and community building. A well-rounded student experience includes many different types of school activities that engage, inspire and excite students.

Inside of School

  • Over 20 after school clubs
  • Music performances by students, teachers and guest musicians
  • Swimming lessons & inter-school swim meet
  • Sports Day
  • Literacy Olympics
  • International Festival
  • PYP Exhibition
  • Potluck party
  • Class parties
  • Pink Shirt Day (anti-bullying awareness)
  • Pyjama Day
  • Japanese New Year festival
  • And many, many more!

Outside of School

  • Regular field trips to locations in the greater Osaka region
  • Sports competitions at other schools
  • Osaka YMCA International Charity Run
  • Community action
  • Grade 3 camping trip to YMCA Kisen Wai Wai historical village
  • Grade 4 camping trip to YMCA Mt. Rokko mountain camp
  • Grade 5 camping trip to YMCA Camp Anan marine camp
  • Grade 6 camping trip to YMCA Mt. Rokko mountain camp
  • Middle school hikes and trips within Japan
  • Middle school international exchanges

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