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Brendan O’Leary

Brendan O’Leary: What is Transformation at OYIS? At OYIS, we hear the word “transformation” a lot, but what do we mean? It means that we have the power to turn

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Janelle McNeill

Janelle McNeill, On Transformation in Early Childhood I’m lucky enough to be an Early Childhood teacher where I get to see transformation happen almost daily. Some of my students are

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Emily Donkin

Emily Donkin, External Programs Coordinator The External Programs, in particular Saturday Class, caters mostly to students who attend Japanese schools Monday to Friday. This means their exposure to international-mindedness, international

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Vladimir Jocic

Vlad Jocic, Music Teacher, on Transformation Through encountering their tasks, acquiring new knowledge and interacting with their peers and teachers, students at the OYIS are challenged, inspired and empowered on

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Ted Brugman

Ted Brugman, Counselor, on the Meaning of Transformation I remember my first assignment in graduate school was to write a reflective paper on our personal belief on “change”. It’s been

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