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Grade 5 Fundraising

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Grade 5 Fundraising

Grade 5 decided to sponsor a dog from Animal Refuge Kansai – an NPO based in Nose who’s been rescuing (mainly) cats and dogs from suffering around Japan. (homepage here:

The aim was to:

  • let children know that they can make a change, be a change by getting involved in a charity cause.
  • Put into practise what they learn at school about caring for those in need
  • Help the children understand that gifting to others is a privilege and it is a gift by itself, as long as they want to, they can achieve that.

    The children and parents from Grade 5 were very enthusiastic with the project and the opportunity to be able to be involved. Within a few weeks they collected 36,000¥ toward sponsoring Wireless – a three legged dog who’s been at ARK for more than 8 years, waiting to be rehomed.

Since then, some children have gone to visit Wireless (their sponsored Dog) at ARK and have walked him around the beautiful forest surrounding the animal refuge center. While visiting, they can also see how a rescue center operates, how they can get involved more and how the abandoned animals are cared for. Here are just a couple of pictures from some of the kids visit recently. Every time they visit ARK they leave with happy memories of the place, and now with the sponsorship certificate, they also feel that they have accomplished something great and that they are involved in caring for these cats and dogs.

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