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Touch Footy Club Tournament 2019

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Touch Footy Club Tournament 2019

The touch footy tournament was a public event that OYIS attended. The students that participated played really well, with two of them winning best junior boy and girl players!

The students not only played well but were able to learn from some very experienced players. The games we played were much quicker than what we play at school, so they had to adapt and think quickly on their feet.

This was the first-time OYIS has played in a touch footy tournament and they did exceptionally well, with 1 win, 1 draw, and 2 losses. The students were the youngest team, playing mostly other adult or university teams. Our students were able to face and hold their own defensively against better teams that had more experience or faster players.

The touch footy club will be continuing next semester to continue improving and training for future tournaments. The club will also play tag rugby which is becoming a hit in schools around Japan.

We want to thank the organisers of the event for allowing OYIS to participate, it was a fantastic day in Kobe. We aim to bring along more students/teams to the events in the future.

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