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Middle School Drum Workshop

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Middle School Drum Workshop

middle school drum workshop

Introduction to Modern Percussion and Drum Set with Eric Wiegmann

This Friday, November 9th 2018, we had a special guest at our school. Mr. Eric Wiegmann, one of the great contemporary drummers in Japan, came to give us a middle school drum workshop. We learned about the timeline and development of the percussion, as well as the birth of the modern drum set dating back to the 1920`s.

We also earned how drums can communicate energy and feelings. We played some Salsa and south American claves, over which we superimposed different rhythm patterns.

We had a great time!

Eric Wiegmann, a short biography

Eric Wiegmann began playing the drums at the age of six. Fascinated with rhythm and the music surrounding him in a busy home, Eric began to practice diligently.

In Japan, Eric is an active drum teacher with a focus on both rudimentary snare drumming and drum set.

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