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PS Legoland 2019

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PS Legoland

The OYIS preschool students had their second field trip of the year. This time we went to the Legoland discovery center, where the students were able to express their creativity through building and playing.

The students spent time making train tracks and houses in the building areas. The students also worked together at the seismic simulator where we were able to replicate an earthquake and see which of our structures could survive the shaking.

We also watched a 4D movie and students were amazed by the 3D animation. They screamed when the lego characters were reaching out with the special effects and laughed when the fans blew gusts of wind at them.

Lastly, the students were able to visit the diorama room where the Lego architects have constructed miniature replicas of popular destinations in Osaka. The students recognized the Sky Building right away. It was a wonderful outing, and I know that the students had a good time.

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