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Preschool Field Trip to Kids Plaza

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Preschool Field Trip to Kids Plaza

Preschool had their second field trip of the school year. They went to Kids Plaza for the day and had an amazing time! Starting with the science exhibits,  the the students were able to play and create bubbles of all sizes, animate pictures and examine the live reptiles and fish that the venue has on display.

Preschool also had the opportunity to try various percussion instruments available in the music section. The students especially liked playing the bongos.

After lunch, the students were able to explore the play area, where they made up their own games and crossed the red bridge.

Lastly, the students had the chance to role-play at the pretend food stands. They took on the roles of sushi chefs, bakers, and takoyaki fryers.

The students enjoyed learning while they played and I’m sure that they would like to visit Kids Plaza again in the future.

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