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KB Hattori Ryokuchi Park 2019

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KB Hattori Ryokuchi Park 2019

On Thursday, November 14th KB took a field trip to Hattori Ryokuchi Park. Firstly we went to see the old Japanese houses there. The children were surprised by the fact there wasn’t any glass in the windows. “They must have been cold all the time in winter”. They were also fascinated by the fires lit inside the houses for heating and cooking. “Where does the smoke go?”. The volunteer staff there were extremely friendly and helpful and kindly answered all the children’s questions.

Next, we collected acorns and pine cones in the gardens of the open air museum. The children proudly showed us every variety they collected pointing out the differences from the one before.

After lunch, the children had a fun time playing at the playground. They especially loved the different slides there, trying different ways to go up and down.

The children had such great experiences at the park that they are continuously asking when they can go again.

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