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G5 – Ark Animal Refuge

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G5 – Ark Animal Refuge

Grade 5 enjoyed a field trip to Ark Animal Refuge, here is what the students had to say!

Dear Parents,

We went to ARK to learn about Sharing The Planet. There are animals there that were abandoned by their owners because the owner passed away, or simply couldn’t take care of them. ARK is a place where the staff cares for those abandoned pets and animals. We are trying to help those abandoned animals, like cats and dogs, with donations and raising awareness about them amongst our class. The group had to combine learning about Sharing the Planet and using the skills from How We Organize Ourselves. ARK, we believe, is sustainable because they give a home for older pets that were “used”, and one of the three R’s is Reuse. ARK teaches us that the old dog might be better because they are calm and some are already trained. They are funded through donations.

We were introduced to the head of ARK, Ms.Elizabeth Oliver, from London. We were taken for a tour according to which language we could understand. There is a beige main building and it houses some of the older dogs at ARK. We watched a video that told us about what ARK was and how to walk the dogs and care for the cats. After that video we visited the dog kennels, cat halls, and a chicken. ARK has multiple different buildings in its main facility, such as a cat hall and “clinic”, as well as several old buildings used for the animals. In the end we managed to meet Wireless, the dog we sponsored at the beginning of the year.

We donated ¥36000 to ARK to care for Wireless and that money was used for the dogs food, medical bills and cost of living. When we walked Wireless the dog was very calm and it was very easy to walk the dog with no stress.

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