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EC Taiko Lab Field Trip

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EC Taiko Lab Field Trip

On Friday, January 11th, the EC department made an excursion to the Taiko-LAB in Kita-ku where we were given an hour’s lesson in playing the wadaiko.

It was amazing to see that by the end of the lesson, the students were able to remember the rhythms taught to them and could play a piece from beginning to end. It really was a wonderful experience.

The following are a few children’s comments after the lesson.

“It was fun”. “I was happy”. “I like hitting the drum.” I like when we were copying and going round and round”. “I liked it when we were hiding and popping out.” “I liked when we were changing the drum”. “I liked the ninja one”. “It was hard but it was fun.” “I want to go to the taiko again”. “I like Taiko”.

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