Summer Intensives 2022

summer intensives

We’d love for you to join us this summer at the OYIS Summer Intensives. For three weeks, we will be exploring Art, Books & Authors, and Superheroes.

OYIS Spring Intensives 2022: Let’s Learn about Ocean Life and Animal Habitats

Spring Intensive 1

This year the focus of the Spring Intensives will be on two weeks of fun and enjoyable learning experiences for the students. Catering to the needs of differing student ability levels both within the classes and within the program, our immersive English environment supports the learning of new content, ideas, and language through ongoing practice and activities.

OYIS Winter Intensive 21-22: All About Science, STEM, & The Body


With the holidays season just around the corner, we are happy to announce what is on offer this year as part of the Osaka YMCA International School Winter Intensive Program. With a focus on Science as our overarching theme this year, the same immersive English environment that provides students with the opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences will be key to their learning.

Launch: The IBDP CAS Program

CAS is one of the three elements of the DP Program Core along with TOK and EE. Through CAS students are required to take part in a wide range of artistic, sporting, physical and service learning experiences that enrich their school life and help them make connections with the academic curriculum and the community. The aims of CAS are to challenge students to explore opportunities for self-determination, collaboration, accomplishment and enjoyment.