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Art Week 2019

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Art Week 2019

From June 3rd- June 6th OYIS held its second annual Art Week! This year we stepped away from the house competition and focused on a complete celebration of all things creative. It was a great opportunity to showcase some of the incredibly creative and very talented students, staff and families that we have in our school community.

Throughout the week, students could take part in ‘pop-up art events’ each morning recess. They did hand knitting, watercolor painting, guitar painting and even contributed to a school-wide mural! During lunch recess, there were workshops led by different teachers that included interpretive dance, poetry, mandala coloring, haiku writing, fabric printing, beat composing, cartooning, alphabet crafts and blues music! There was also a lot of creativity pouring out of the classrooms all week and it was inspiring to see the students so enthusiastic about their work.

On Thursday, students’ were encouraged to come dressed up as something ‘Artsy’- many students and teachers took a creative approach and designed or made shirts, and there were plenty of people dressed as an artist or art piece. Out on the playground, our outdoor seating area got a yarn bomb makeover- courtesy of all the hard work students put into hand-knitting over the week. That same day, we were also treated to a travelling group of musicians! Students went from class to class on Thursday morning, sharing their musical talents with the rest of the school.

The final highlight for Art Week this year, was seeing our school halls transform into an art gallery. On Thursday afternoon students and families were able to walk through the school and view all of the fantastic artwork that students, parents and teachers had shared for display.

OYIS Art Week has been really successful this year- but we are already thinking of and sharing ideas of how we can make the week even better for next year. We want to send a huge thank you to all the staff and parents who contributed their art, their time and their enthusiasm this year. But most of all, we want to thank the students- who have huge amounts of creativity and energy which helps make Art Week such a fun, positive event.

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