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For our students, faculty and families, Osaka YMCA International School is much more than a school. It’s a dynamic and close-knit community bonded by an unwavering commitment to the personal and academic success of our students.

OYIS has a rolling admissions process for foreign passport holders if vacancies are available. All applications are accepted online. Review our application steps or start your application now.

We know that the school you choose for your child is an extremely important decision that impacts your whole family. Our commitment is therefore to provide more than information – it is to allow you to truly experience OYIS.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before submitting your application, please make sure to review our Admissions Policy. If you are unsure about whether your child is eligible for admission or have questions regarding any other aspect of the admissions process, please contact our Admissions Office at [email protected].

When you are ready to apply, please submit an online application here Preschool – Grade 9 or Grade 10 – Grade 12. Most of the information can be completed online, but there will be some documentation to send in separately. You will find detailed instructions in the online application.

You are required to pay an Admissions Fee at the time of application. This fee is non-refundable.

The OYIS admissions process is as follows:

  1. Submit an inquiry
  2. The Admissions Officer contacts you and verifies the information.
  3. Application is submitted and the admissions fee must be paid.
  4. The application is reviewed by the Admission Officer.
  5. Documents screening is conducted by OYIS Admissions Team.
  6. Online tests are set. (Reading for KB-G11, Math for G7-G11)
  7. Principal interviews are set.
  8. A second review is conducted by the relevant Principals and Coordinators.
  9. Invite for the in-class observation (for the candidates applying for the middle of the school year only)
  10. The student is admitted to OYIS.
  11. Registration fees and Tuition fees are invoiced.
  12. The student is enrolled after payment is complete.

Note: from Step 5, only successful candidates are able to proceed to the next stage.

OYIS is based on two campuses: the main Nakatsu campus and the Tosabori campus.

The Nakatsu campus is the original home of OYIS, and is located near Osaka’s largest transportation and shopping hub. It is the home base of our youngest students, including early childhood and elementary students.

Address: 6 Chome-7-34 Nakatsu, Kita Ward, Osaka, 531-0071, Japan

The Tosabori campus was opened in 2020 and is home to the upper grades at OYIS. It is located in the Osaka YMCA’s headquarters building in the heart of the business district, about 2.5km away from the Nakatsu school building.

Address: 1-chōme−5−6 9F, Tosabori, Nishi Ward, Osaka, 550-0001, Japan


The list of tuition and fees can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.

Yes, OYIS offers several types of scholarships. (All spots are full for the current year.)

Achievement Award:
The OYIS achievement award seeks to recognize academic excellence, community engagement and international mindedness. This is an opportunity for students entering Grade 9 or 10 to earn up to a 100% scholarship. The process includes writing a scholarship exam, writing a personal essay and concludes with an interview. Details of the award are released in January with testing taking place in February annually.

Community Support Financial Grant:
The goal of the Community Support Financial Grant (CSFG) is to help families in the community that are in need of international education but may be unable to afford the full cost of attending an international school. Scholarships will be awarded to families chosen by the scholarship committee and officially approved by the OYIS Governing Board.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Understand and support the educational philosophy of OYIS
  • Be in financial need
  • Support the school by volunteering their time
  • Be a member of either the Parent Volunteer Group or Parent Ambassador group
  • Submit documents that verify their family income for the present and past school year
  • Be a positive supporter of the school
  • The child and at least one parent should try to communicate with the school in English.

Applications for the CSFG open in February and March annually.

Early Childhood Program: Our aim is to keep the student-teacher ratio low, so we have a maximum class size of 20 and support their learning with one lead teacher and one main assistant.

Grades 1-3: In Grade 1 through Grade 3, the maximum class size is 25 students per classroom with one lead teacher and one main assistant. 

A team of additional teaching assistants is available for Grades 1 to 6 to support homeroom teachers with specific tasks and EAL.

Grades 4-12: Maximum 25 students per class. Teacher assistants are made available as needed.


OYIS provides a school bus to and from designated train stations around the Nakatsu campus area in the mornings and afternoons for students who require the service.

The Tosabori campus, in the heart of the business district, is easily accessible by public transportation and is not on the school bus route. OYIS works with public transportation companies in Osaka to provide students with discounted commuter passes.

In cases where students move between campuses during the school day, OYIS provides a shuttle bus at no extra cost.


We welcome children of all nationalities whose families are committed to an international educational curriculum in English, including children of Japanese nationals who have been educated exclusively or primarily in non-Japanese schools overseas or at other accredited international schools in Japan.

English is the language of instruction in all grades, and the ability to successfully access the curriculum within a reasonable time and to thrive in our English-language learning environment is the guiding principle for admission to the school. 


OYIS has rolling admissions and often welcomes students in April. Please note that students leaving the Japanese school system having graduated in March will re-enter OYIS at the same grade level in April to finish the OYIS school year in June.


Yes. Our language and support team provides support to emerging (beginning) English communicators  and their subject teachers using a variety of methods which may include:

  • Co-teaching
  • 1:1 and/or small group teaching
  • Scaffolded assignments and simplified readings
  • Differentiated assessments

There is a yearly fee charged by the school for additional English support. Fees may be refundable for students leaving the school early or exiting the program during the school year.


Upon the successful completion of the document review process, a personal interview with the Administration will be scheduled with the applicant and at least one parent.

We recognize that applicants living outside Japan may not be able to schedule a personal interview at OYIS until their families move to the Osaka area.
Technology, such as Skype or Zoom, can be used to conduct a preliminary interview.


In the PYP, MYP, and DP the language of instruction is English. All students are required to take two language courses throughout their studies at OYIS. We currently offer English and Japanese language courses.

OYIS will offer Language A: School-Supported Self-Taught (SSST) alternative courses in the DP. We currently offer Korean and French.

These courses are for students whose first or best language is neither English nor Japanese. For more information, please contact the DP coordinator, Jamie Riddalls: [email protected].

All teachers at OYIS have a minimum of a teaching certificate and are qualified in the subject area they teach.

Many of our teachers have additional degrees, ranging from Masters to Doctorates. Teachers spend time every year engaging in professional development supported by the school in order to stay up-to-date with modern teaching practices and techniques.


OYIS is made up of teachers who exemplify the school values and people like that come from all over the world! Our staff hail countries as far away as New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada, and the US, and as close by as South Korea and Japan itself. All classes (excluding foreign language classes and Japanese class) are taught exclusively in English. That being said, many of our staff are multilingual and are also trained in English language support.


No, there are no boarding facilities available at OYIS.


Currently we don’t offer visits to our campuses. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding our campuses.

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Admissions process

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A Day in the Life of an OYIS Student

Students from grades 9-12 travel in from around the Kansai area to arrive at our Tosabori campus.
Once here, they meet with their homeroom teachers to find out about any events taking place, or to get support or advice about their studies.
Lessons start at 9am and are held in our purpose-built campus, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and furniture to improve the students’ learning experience.
When not studying, students can use our library – filled with books based on their own recommendations – or they can use our large gymnasium. If they need somewhere quiet to talk, we have a specialist counselor on site. Or if they want to talk about their educational pathways, they may go to talk to our experienced college and university counselor.
During lunch, students may join one of our Model United Nations (MUN) meetings or take part in Student Government events.
Once lessons have finished for the day, there are study support sessions or after-school activities that reflect our commitment to extra-curricular opportunities and service learning.

Our Teachers

What ingredients go into making an OYIS teacher?

A teacher at OYIS approaches their students with creativity, flexibility, care, and compassion. They are themselves lifelong learners who aim to develop the same interest in their students. Their pedagogical approaches and belief systems are at the core of their excellence as teachers.

An OYIS teacher will approach the whole student with inquiry-based instruction, and with the intention of shaping their students into socially responsible citizens.

We are seeking individuals who are defined by these key attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs: international-mindedness, open-mindedness, flexibility, collaboration, universality of good teaching, and love of their jobs.

Homeroom teachers2
Homeroom teachers

Bus Service


Providing safe transportation for children to and from school and school-related activities is the top priority of Osaka YMCA International School. School bus transportation is available to assist families with student transportation to and from school. Our buses travel to local transportation hubs, including Umeda, Honmachi and Fukushima in order to provide a safe and simple way for students to access the school from all over Osaka.

Bus Routes

Bus routes are revised annually according to shifts in our bus riders and are designed to accommodate the transportation needs of our students as efficiently as possible with students spending an average of only 20-30 minutes on the bus.

Bus Safety

In order to ensure the safety of all bus riders, parents and students should become familiar with the bus rules and procedures posted on each bus and in detail in the parent portal.

Bus Capacity

When a school bus reaches its full capacity, wait-lists will be created and students will be able to register for using the bus once a seat becomes available. Students on wait-lists will have priority for seat registration if seats become available within the school year.

After-School Care

OYIS understands that many families have two working parents, and therefore offers After-School Care (ASC) for children in Preschool through Grade 3. 

After School Care is a care service provided for students in PS to Grade 3.
The care service only runs on school days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 15:45-17:30 pm;
Wednesday: 2:00-17:30.
The use of the service will cost 1500 yen per session per child.

ASC booking can be made in SchoolsBuddy.

School Lunch

OYIS offers a daily catered school lunch at the Nakatsu campus for preschool through grade 8. 

Our school lunch is catered daily by Caezar’s Kitchen, which provides lunch boxes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Lunches for students with allergies are available. Parents can opt to use the school lunch on a monthly basis. 

Lunch bookings can be made in SchoolsBuddy.