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Mack Sissine

Mack Sissine

Mack is looking forward to working with the OYIS community to provide educational, safe, and challenging experiences for all OYIS student-athletes, expanding intramural and WJAA athletic opportunities, and building the OYIS Athletics Program. During his free time, he enjoys shooting street photography, working out, playing basketball, trying new foods, traveling, and listening to punk & hip-hop music.

About OYIS Athletics

OYIS Athletics provides extracurricular sports opportunities for all G1-G11 OYIS students, including Soccer/Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-Country, and Badminton. Along with many other international schools around Japan and the Kansai region, OYIS is a proud member of the WJAA (Western Japan Athletics Association). The WJAA seeks to create, promote, and foster cooperation among member schools through athletic events, and to serve as an extension of each member school’s program to enhance the development and diversity of the students, the schools, and the association.

OYIS Athletics/COVID Protocols

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Japan, all OYIS Athletics activities are suspended until further notice, but we hope to begin practicing and participating in WJAA games/tournaments later this school year. Any updates regarding COVID-19 and our athletics program will be communicated as soon as possible.

Athletics Interest Forms & Team Sign-Ups

At the beginning of the school year, Athletics Interest Forms were distributed to all of our G1-G11 students to gauge interest for 21/22 OYIS sports teams. Official team sign-ups will be held on a later date (to be announced).

21-22 Athletics Schedule

Practice/Game Schedules & Expectations:

Practice will be held 2 days per week, usually starting at 4pm. Most PYP practices will last 60-75 minutes, while MYP/DP practices will last 75-90 minutes. WJAA games/tournaments are usually held on Saturdays, but depending on the team/age-level, there may be a few weekday games throughout the season. OYIS student-athletes are expected to participate in all team activities (practices, games, and tournaments) and communicate any schedule conflicts with their individual coach.

Goals & Moving Forward:

The OYIS Athletics Program aims to provide all OYIS students with opportunities to participate within a safe, inclusive, and challenging learning environment, collaborate with classmates and coaches, and develop individual and team skills. Moving forward, some of our goals including expanding OYIS athletics opportunities for PYP students, updating OYIS Athletics facilities (gym floor, outdoor field, etc), offering sport-specific skill development during the weekend (Saturday Sports Program), participating in JV/Varsity Boys and Girls WJAA tournaments, and establishing a Sports Leadership program.

Supporting the OYIS Athletics Program:

Once practice and WJAA games/tournaments resume, we look forward to hosting WJAA events and hope to see OYIS students, parents, and faculty in attendance at home and away games/tournaments. If you are an OYIS stakeholder and would like to assist the Athletics Department by coaching, supervising, and/or scorekeeping, please contact Coach Mack at your earliest convenience.

Contact Information:

If you would like more information regarding OYIS Athletics, supporting the OYIS Athletics Program, or the 21/22 Athletics Schedule, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Mack Sissine
OYIS Athletics Director
[email protected]

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