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Early Childhood

Welcome to the Early Childhood page: We are a play-based kindergarten catering to children from 3-6 years old.

The Early Childhood curriculum focuses on the holistic growth of our students. This means developing internationally-minded individuals with life-relevant transdisciplinary and disciplinary skills, using the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework.

International-mindedness is a view of the world in which people see themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility to its members. We do this by providing our students with educational opportunities that develop their academic as well as their social, physical, emotional needs through play, inquiry, exploration, and collaboration. This approach helps prepare students to become confident and independent learners that are ready to challenge and change themselves and the world to make it a better place.

Early Childhood Recess

It is always heart-warming to see these energetic children come to school and learn how to exist in this world with others.

The EC programme uses a teaching and learning method called play-based learning. Through play and high levels of engagement, children learn about themselves, the world around them and a wide variety of age-appropriate skills like early literacy and numeracy. It is a highly creative programme with a great deal of exploration and discovery.

These years are an exciting time for growth and exploration for both our students and families, and we look forward to embarking on this learning journey with you.

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