Osaka YMCA
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In the Curriculum

The robotics program at OYIS starts in the MYP and runs in two stages.

Block-based coding is a beginner’s method of programming using SCRATCH and Python from MIT. Students use this to tell their robots what tasks to perform. For example, a student could have a robot move objects from one point to another using sensors and motors. The seventh graders will design a robot to be an efficient, autonomous vehicle that would help cities perform basic problem-solving tasks like clearing traffic accidents.

As students become more proficient, students can choose to learn C++ programming language with Vex. This programing language is used by university students and gives our students an understanding of the process of text-based coding. The ninth graders design a robot to perform simple tasks, such as aiding medical workers in hospitals, so that the workers will be more available to attend to patients.


Extracurricular Robotics

MYP students have the option to participate in the FFL (First Lego League) Contest, an international lego robotics contest held yearly. 

Students build lego robots from scratch and write their code to control them. The robots are designed to perform specific tasks in set amounts of time. The students are free to design the robots as creatively as they’d like, within competition parameters. In addition to the build, the team must present their designs and core values.

Our students compete against other teams across Japan. In 2020, there were over 90 teams competing. 


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