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What are my passion projects?

Picture of Rafael A. Solorzano Buendia

Rafael A. Solorzano Buendia

I was born in a cold city but with very warm people, Bogota - with an uncertain climate and surrounded by mountains - in a beautiful tropical country, Colombia. I am part of a family of hardworking and independent people. My parents didn't study, but they have good principles. I have many brothers as well, and a twin who I always played with. I think that's where my curiosity and imagination comes from.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it, we go nowhere.” - Carl Sagan

What are my passion projects?

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Passion projects emerge from curiosities, hobbies, or just as a way to spend time. Passion projects are a way to go into things and discover more and more. 

One of my passions is coding or working with programming languages, even when it does not look “amusing” for me, it is. This passion allows me to connect with several subjects (mathematics, science, economy, history, and more) and open my mind to learn new perspectives. Since everything sparks my curiosity, I studied Chemistry in university, as I found it interesting to connect with many areas of knowledge, in particular, with Mathematics. Thus, in the last 7 years I have dedicated my time and my studies to understanding more about such a mysterious area.

My second passion is having fun with my son and wife. Believe it or not, having fun with my son represents a challenge in terms of creativity and diversity, and sometimes I come up with math (making patterns with LEGO) to have fun. 

Mathematics has always been a passion of mine; it is the way I connect everything in my life. Learning math is like the desire to eat – you can eat your fill at breakfast, but at lunch you must eat again, and again at dinner.   

A passion project drives your brain to unlearn and start off again.

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