Returning Safely to OYIS

Teachers and staff at OYIS have been hard at work making sure students are safe as they return to school. Each day students line up at the gate 1.5 meters apart. They are then greeted by the school nurse who checks their temperature. As they enter the school students are asked to wash their hands before they enter their classrooms. The teachers have moved furniture and equipment in the classroom to help protect students throughout the day. Students are also asked to wash their hands before they exit and enter new classrooms.

In the ECE students have been placed into small groups for the day. They are able to interact closely with these limited numbers of students keeping them safe. Teachers are especially careful in watching the students during breaks and lunches. In the MYP students have been asked to eat their lunch at the picnic tables outside. Unfortunately at this time, students have not been able to use the playground equipment. The school has also asked students to not share equipment. These are just a few of the efforts we are making to protect our students. 

At the end of the day and during classroom changes extra care has been taken to clean desks and other surfaces. Students are not on campus on Wednesday so the cleaning staff has more time to take care of the whole building.  At the end of the first week on campus, everyone has learned a lot. Next week OYIS will be welcoming students on campus for two days a week. The sights and sounds of the school waking up has been very encouraging!

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