PYP Celebration of the Arts 2020

Visual Arts Gallery

Explore all the wonderful artwork from our Kindergarten A - Grade 2 students.

Music Gallery

Explore all the creative musical performances from our Grade 3 - Grade 6 students.

Visual Arts.

Early Childhood artists have been learning about concepts of change, form, imagination, and color in Art Class. Their art shows different ways of using materials and different ways of expressing their imagination.

G1 and G2 worked on making connections between their culture and their artwork, and have also used different art materials to express ideas and feelings.

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The Art Gallery was set up to share the artwork that students wanted to share, as well as some collaborative art pieces that classes and groups did. Students who visited the exhibition were invited to view some art, interact with some art, and complete responses to the art they see.

Visual Arts Gallery.


The music celebration this year focused on the process of creating music compositions and music performances.

Grades 3 and 4 were composing their own music for the unit Who We Are, focusing on the elements of music we use to create music and the different ways we can compose music. They used a music composition cycle to plan, notate, practice and perform their own compositions.

Grades 5 and 6 were looking at where we are in time and place, focusing on music across time and place and how different music genres are connected. In groups they chose a song of a particular genre, rehearsed the music in an innovative style and performed the songs for the class, and the camera

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