Concept-Based Inquiry Mathematics

PYP students at OYIS strengthen their Mathematical knowledge, skill and understanding of Math concepts through a concept-based inquiry math curriculum (CBIM).

It’s The Question That Drives Us

will teaching

At OYIS, we teachers (and students!) strive to develop ourselves using the Learner Profile, 10 attributes that promote an environment of learning.

The Evolution of Robotics at OYIS

In the MYP classrooms, students learn basic skills in engineering and programming. They start with block-based coding with the Lego Mindstorm kits to python and later C++ with the VEX robots. They learn about sequencing and how communicating explicit instructions always gets the best results. They gain grit which will allow them to persevere through other situations and instances in their lives. But our competition teams are where the real growth has appeared.

OYIS Winter Intensive 21-22: All About Science, STEM, & The Body


With the holidays season just around the corner, we are happy to announce what is on offer this year as part of the Osaka YMCA International School Winter Intensive Program. With a focus on Science as our overarching theme this year, the same immersive English environment that provides students with the opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences will be key to their learning.

The Specter of Sleep: An Inquiry into Student Sleep Habits

students with computers

It started with a survey. We were studying tools for statistical analysis: averages like mean, median, and mode alongside tools like box and whisker plots and the like. Students were genuinely curious about sleep standards for students, and since we were learning about comparing resources and annotated bibliographies anyway, I posed the question for students to research.

How to Talk to Your Child about Technology Usage


Integrating technology into teaching and learning makes up a large part of our program at OYIS. Students are required to use their devices in class and it is expected that they make good decisions when using the device. For children, it is a powerful tool they can use to interact with friends, play games, and connect to the world in general.



Mental Health is Real and It’s Time to Start Addressing It

mental health awareness week

For Mental Health Awareness Week, our school counselor, Tom Bell, writes about mental health at home between parents and students. It is vital that parents and students communicate with each other about how they are doing mentally. Here are some ways to accomplish this conversation.

All About OYIS Athletics

floor hockey

OYIS Athletics provides extracurricular sports opportunities for all G1-G11 OYIS students, including Soccer/Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-Country, and Badminton. Along with many other international schools around Japan and the Kansai region, OYIS is a proud member of the WJAA (Western Japan Athletics Association).