Sports Day at OYIS

Sports Day was an event that brought togetherness to our OYIS community. Parent involvement and teacher collaboration made the day especially successful.

Censorship & Book Banning


To support our banned book authors and to advocate intellectual freedom, we need to “educate our loved ones about censorship and how it harms communities’.

How I Learned English as a Kid

How do you “immerse” your child in English? As an educator I am tempted to post and quote research from different sources but I feel disconnected when I do that. Speaking from my own experiences and struggles is more meaningful. Immersion requires effort from the child and the parents. While it may seem overwhelming at first, it holds tremendous benefits.

Social Media: Avoid the Hook

Social media addiction is a serious problem, but by following the strategies in this blog you can evade the hook.

Trauma and Resilience

Amy and her Grandma

My homecoming wasn’t some moral or spiritual victory. I had managed to escape where others couldn’t and I was lucky. I also worked really hard. I took advantage of the opportunities. All of it was in the shadow of my childhood traumas, the ones I carried around with me and dealt with the hard, and only, way: slowly and steadily and with the help of loved ones.

Collaboration in STEM

collaboration science

The group 4 project is an interdisciplinary activity in which all Diploma Programme science students must participate. The intention is that students from the different group 4 subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) analyse a common topic or problem. The exercise is meant to be a collaborative experience where the emphasis is on the processes involved in, rather than the products of, such an activity.

Are Video Games Educational?

video games and kids

What, if any, are the applications for video games in educational settings when they are created with the sole purpose of entertainment and making ever-greater sales and turning an ever greater profit?

Making Projects Personal at OYIS

Inquiry works best when people are pursuing something they are truly passionate about, and Personal Project gives them the freedom to do just that. Furthermore, because projects are often directly linked to the IB’s Global Contexts and their service experiences, they are often gateways for self-directed progress towards intercultural understanding and respect.

Finding Connection: Suicide Prevention

two students talking

Look around at the people in your life and ask yourself, do they have someone they can talk to about serious issues? Let’s prevent suicide by making connections with each other.