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Pink Shirt Day







 このエピソードがSNS等で世界中に広まり現在では70ヵ国以上の国で活動が行われている。カナダでは毎年2月最終水曜日がPink Shirt Dayとして定められている。


It is a worldwide bullying opposition movement that was created thanks to the efforts of two Canadian students in 2007.

A boy who came to school wearing a pink shirt was bullied that he was gay.

Two students who saw it handed out 75 pink shirts to their peers. The next day, many students wore pink shirts to school.

The whole school was dyed pink, and spontaneously bullying disappeared.

This episode spread out all over the world by SNS and more than 70 countries took part in this action.

“Let’s Create a World Without Bullying”

We hope we can think together about “ bullying ” in this opportunity.


Bullying is a major problem in schools, workplaces, homes, and online.

Over the month of February, Pink Shirt Day aims to raise awareness of these issues and to support programs that foster children’s healthy self-esteem. Join us at OYIS on Pink Shirt Day on February 25rd, 2022 in our mission to create a more kind, inclusive world by raising awareness and supporting for anti-bullying initiatives.

To kick off this event, three students in the DP completed their CAS project on anti-bullying and have created a video. Read their message and view their video below:

This is Kirari”

Me, Eunwoo and Michael have created a documentary film on the anti-bullying campaign that we have launched before the winter break!

First of all, I would like to thank those who participated in the anti-bullying campaign. I myself enjoyed a lot with what we presented in front of the participants and I was excited with how students are going to deal with the activities that we prepared! (Which is Winkle Winston and a bystander experiment to test how long will it take for the participants to notice the situation.)

The purpose of this campaign was to have students experience how school bullies are happening across the world, and that it doesn’t mean you might be irrelevant to either witness the situation, be a victim or in some case, you might be engaged into bullying even though you are aware of it. This video includes the introduction of what bullying is, and scenes of participants in the campaign! At the end of the video, there are also a few minutes of interviews from the participants on how they felt about the campaign and what they learned from it.

Please enjoy this documentary and throughout this video, we hope that everyone will become more aware of bullying.


From Michael:

“This is a short vlog about our CAS project, which was to spread awareness on the issue of school bullying. Since school bullying is a big issue we wanted to do some activities and interviews with some of the other students who participated in our campaign. Hopefully, this video can spread a clear understanding of what it means to be aware of bullying. #StopSchoolBullying!

Thank you very much for your cooperation.”

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