Our Leadership

Our Leadership team is dedicated to creating a learning environment where every student feels free to discover, explore, and make connections; where families are welcomed into a bright and dynamic community. Composed of a global group of educational and operational experts, our leadership ensures that the teaching and learning remains the heart of the school and that OYIS provides an incredible experience for all who join our family.

Marc Mesich

Middle Years/Diploma
Programme Principal

Dwayne Primeau

Primary Years
Programme Principal

Monique Palmer

MYP/DP Vice Principal & Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Steve Duex

Primary Years Programme Vice Principal & EAL Coordinator

Jamie Riddalls

Diploma Programme Coordinator

Judith Masaki

Early Childhood

Vladimir Jocic

Creativity, Activity, Service Coordinator

Brendan O'Leary

Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Kiyokazu Shoji

Director of Operations

Kaoru Saito

Business Manager

Eriko Wada

Business Manager

Yoko Hatayama

Admissions Director

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