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Fostering Independence in Children

In late March of 2022 Japan’s hit program 初めてのおつかい was elevated to the global stage, re-branded as Netflix’s Old Enough. The premise is simple: a toddler, typically between 2 and

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The Silver Lining

If there is any silver lining to the last several years, it has been that we have been given time to really understand what we value in life. For me,

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Amy and her Grandma

Trauma and Resilience

My homecoming wasn’t some moral or spiritual victory. I had managed to escape where others couldn’t and I was lucky. I also worked really hard. I took advantage of the

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Neurodiversity & Inclusion

Neurodiversity is a term that came out of the Autistic Rights Movement and it was coined in about the late 1990s. Judy Singer, a sociologist in Australia, was autistic and

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In Search of Balance with The Bacchae

The IB Learner Profile includes the attribute of balance. Students have joked to me that it’s painfully ironic when teachers preach balance and in the same breath announce taxing summative

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