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• Entrance Fee ¥0
• Facilities Maintenance ¥154,500
• Tuition Half day ¥740,000 Full Day ¥1,000,000
• Material Fee ¥20,600


• Entrance Fee (One time only) ¥250,000
• Facilities Maintenance ¥154,500
• Tuition ¥1,070,000
• Material Fee ¥20,600

Elementary School

• Entrance Fee (One time only) ¥250,000
• Facilities Maintenance ¥154,500
• Tuition ¥1,170,000
• Material Fee ¥41,200

Junior High School

• Entrance Fee(One time only) ¥250,000
• Facilities Maintenance ¥154,500
• Tuition ¥1,300,000
• Material Fee ¥61,800

Additional Fees

Application Fee ¥30,000 is charged upon interview.
Optional School Lunch fee is charged separately.
Optional Bus Service fee is charged separately.
Field trips and special student excursions will be charged separately
English Support Services fees will be assessed individually.
¥150,000 ~¥180,000 per year

Business Policies

The full Application and Entrance fees are charged to all new students who attend OYIS, regardless of when they enter or withdraw. Fees are non-refundable.
The Application fee of ¥30,000 must be submitted at the time of the candidate's interview and assessment.
The Facilities Maintenance fee and Materials fee are charged every school year to all students of OYIS and are non-refundable.
Students who register after the start of the school year are charged Tuition fees and EAL fees appropriate to their specific circumstances.
Students who withdraw before the end of the school year due to the parent’s business transfer or student’s illness, a refund of tuition will be considered under the policies held at OYIS. Written evidence is mandatory in these cases. The refund does not apply to persons paying under the instalment plan or any percent of fees paid by companies, institutions, or governments. EAL fees are charged for the marking period in which they withdraw.
Entrance fees are not charged to siblings.  Families with 3 or more children at the school receive a 30% tuition fee discount on each child.


Payments delayed by more than one month will prohibit the school from issuing any official documentation. A payment that is delayed beyond two months will result in cancellation of enrollment.

Contributions and Donations

All contributions and/or donations to the institution will be used exclusively for the enrichment of OYIS.


We have two types of scholarship programs are available for elementary school students. Please contact the office for more information and an application form.

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OYIS is to be commended for creating a dynamic school climate that parents and students are eager to be a part of.

WASC Mid-Cycle Report April 2016

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