PYPX Promotion Ceremony

Grade 6 School Year 2019 – 2020 Promotion Ceremony
(On Oct. 23 2020 – postponed from June 2020)

On October 23rd the Grade Six PYP class of 2020 were presented certificates by Mr Primeau, Mr Killion & Mr O’Leary to celebrate their achievement in the PYP exhibition.

The PYP exhibition is an opportunity for students, supported by their teachers and mentors, to carry out a personal inquiry into a real-life issue that they are passionate about.

It is an opportunity for students to apply the critical thinking and inquiry skills that they have acquired over the course of their PYP learning journey from EC to Grade 6.

The Exhibition inquiry process culminates in the students taking action to make their community a better place and also in sharing their learning through a presentation to the school and wider community.

The 2020 PYP Exhibition brought the added challenge of working and presenting virtually. We are proud to say that this was a challenge that the students were more than ready for.

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