Pink Shirt Day 2020

Getting ready for our Pink Shirt Day, all classes contributed in creating colourful designs and motifs which they placed purposefully around the school. During class circle times, classes discussed the various aspects of caring and when and how they could be more caring in their daily lives.

Friday, the 28th of February was our Pink Shirt Day at OYIS. It was a PYP/MYP collaborative Student Government led event. Mixed and multi-level classes met at 9 a.m. to create hearts and T-shirts. They wrote caring messages on them and decorated them. To end the session, they discussed their reasons for the messages and what Pink Shirt Day meant to them.

At 2:45 pm, classes met in the gym for a whole school assembly. They listened to MYP student’s fabulous acoustic guitar solos and were entertained as they learned important lessons from a student play. Next, all students played a game to discuss the idea of caring. To finish the assembly, our very own Advanced Student Band played an acoustic version of ‘Riptide’.

We hope that this spirit of caring continues to permeate throughout the year and have a meaningful impact.

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