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Karen Zuvich

Karen Zuvich

Ms Zuvich is currently the Math coach and one of the EAL teachers for PYP at OYIS. She has been teaching for over 30 years in several locations around the world.

PYP students at OYIS strengthen their Mathematical knowledge, skill and understanding of Math concepts through a concept-based inquiry math curriculum (CBIM).

Concept-Based Inquiry Mathematics

PYP students at OYIS strengthen their Mathematical knowledge, skill and understanding of Math concepts through a concept-based inquiry math curriculum (CBIM).

CBIM elevates Math from a two-dimensional approach of acquiring skills and knowledge to a three-dimensional approach in which understanding is the third dimension. Understandings, knowledge, and skills are all critical components of a Concept-Based Inquiry Mathematics curriculum. Knowledge and skills provide the foundation for developing depth of understanding.

For example, in Grade 3, an example of the knowledge the students learn would be that the top number of a fraction is called a numerator and the bottom number is called a denominator. An example of a related skill the students learn is the ability to solve problems/situations involving fractions and then record the process and result as a fraction notation. The third dimension (i.e. understanding) in this particular example would be, in a fraction, the denominator represents the equal number of parts in the whole and the numerator represents the number of those parts involved in the problem.

Students actively engage in structured, guided- and open-  inquiry through a series of scaffolded inductive learning engagements and guided questions. Tasks are designed to provide students with rich opportunities for learning. Each one is its own mini inquiry.

The emphasis is on building depth of understanding, recognizing patterns, making connections, visualization, responding to and posing Math questions, representing Mathematical thinking using different models, formulating generalizations, transferring learning to new contexts, and making sense of the world around using Mathematics.

CBIM helps build a positive growth mindset and empowers students. Through a concept-based inquiry approach to Mathematics students build understanding as a result of their learning.

We encourage you to explore the ideas behind Concept-Based Inquiry Mathematics. More information will be made available for our parents and caregivers on our OYIS CBIM website. The link for this website will be included in the OYIS Friday Newsletter.


[Ms. Karen Zuvich – PYP 算数 / EAL サポート] 







私たちは、皆様にもコンセプトベースの探究型算数カリキュラムの背後にあるアイデアを探求していただくことをお勧めします。保護者の方向けに、OYIS CBIMのホームページでより詳しい情報をご提供いたしますので是非ご覧ください。ホームページのリンクはOYISの金曜日のニュースレターにて掲載予定です。

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