The Silver Lining

If there is any silver lining to the last several years, it has been that we have been given time to really understand what we value in life. For me, that is spending time outside with my friends and family and being able to foster face-to-face relationships but professionally and privately.

Social Media: Avoid the Hook

Social media addiction is a serious problem, but by following the strategies in this blog you can evade the hook.

Trauma and Resilience

Amy and her Grandma

My homecoming wasn’t some moral or spiritual victory. I had managed to escape where others couldn’t and I was lucky. I also worked really hard. I took advantage of the opportunities. All of it was in the shadow of my childhood traumas, the ones I carried around with me and dealt with the hard, and only, way: slowly and steadily and with the help of loved ones.

Finding Connection: Suicide Prevention

two students talking

Look around at the people in your life and ask yourself, do they have someone they can talk to about serious issues? Let’s prevent suicide by making connections with each other.

Neurodiversity & Inclusion


Neurodiversity is a term that came out of the Autistic Rights Movement and it was coined in about the late 1990s. Judy Singer, a sociologist in Australia, was autistic and rejected the notion that their brains were broken or disabled. Coining the term “neurodiversity” gave the movement a radically new platform to champion their equal rights in education and society.

In Search of Balance with The Bacchae


The IB Learner Profile includes the attribute of balance. Students have joked to me that it’s painfully ironic when teachers preach balance and in the same breath announce taxing summative assessments, and I sympathize. But it’s up to every individual to determine where we draw our lines between cold-eyed restraint and reckless abandon, and to arrange our lives accordingly, understanding that to lead fulfilling lives, few of us can successfully smother an entire half of our natures.

Mental Health is Real and It’s Time to Start Addressing It

mental health awareness week

For Mental Health Awareness Week, our school counselor, Tom Bell, writes about mental health at home between parents and students. It is vital that parents and students communicate with each other about how they are doing mentally. Here are some ways to accomplish this conversation.