The Annual OYIS Scholarship Exam

Students entering grades 10 or 11 in August 2021 are invited to take the 2021 Scholarship Exam. This exam is the first step to potentially receiving the OYIS Achievement Award.

The OYIS Achievement Award seeks to recognize academic excellence, community engagement, and international mindedness. This is an opportunity for students entering grade 10 or 11 to earn up to a 100% scholarship. The process includes writing a scholarship exam, writing a personal essay, and concludes with an interview. Only successful exam takers will advance to the interview stage at another time.

Applicants are invited from the Kansai community as well as students currently enrolled at OYIS. Families who are new to the OYIS community are encouraged to stay during the exam to attend an information session by the Principal and Vice-Principal.

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2021

Time: 10am

Who: Students entering Grades 10 & 11 in August 2021

There is no fee to take the exam.

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OYIS アチーブメントアワードは、優れた学業、地域社会への貢献、国際的な視野を持った生徒に送られます。この賞は、10年生または11年生に入学・進級する生徒が、100%の奨学金を獲得できるチャンスです。この賞のプロセスには、奨学金筆記試験、小論文、面接が含まれています。筆記試験合格者のみが、二次試験の面接に進むことができます。


試験日: 2021年3月13日(土)




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