Marist Brothers Futsal Tournament

Marist Brothers Futsal Tournament

On Friday, November 30th OYIS attended a Futsal Tournament at Marist Brothers International School in Kobe. Twenty-four Grade 5 and 6 students volunteered to compete against other international schools from Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Kobe. These students made up three teams that competed in a Grade 6, Grade 5 and Girls division.

All 3 OYIS teams came out victorious in 1st place!

Thanks to a strong defence, great teamwork and timely scoring, OYIS went unbeaten the entire day. They did not even allow a single goal to be scored against them! Mr Nickel, Mr Killion, and Ms Mami had a wonderful day coaching the students and are proud of the great sportsmanship demonstrated by all participants.

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