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Welcome to the Middle Years Programme

Dear Prospective Parents,

Get ready to join our community and start an incredible journey together. As a growing school, we pride ourselves on our creative, concept-based, and collaborative approach to curriculum development and student learning. I am passionate about the unique and wonderful world of middle school and supporting the developmental needs of young people. The MYP is a developmentally appropriate and challenging programme which is student centred and focuses on authentic real-world assessment and global issues. Developing internationally-minded students through service-learning and community action is a key value at OYIS, encapsulated in the YMCA and IB mission and vision.

OYIS is a dynamic learning environment, every day students are engaging in their own inquiries and passions in and outside of the classroom, and student voice and agency are valued in curriculum and community development. Differences are celebrated at OYIS and we strive for an inclusive and supportive community.

Approaches to learning and skill development are at the heart of the OYIS educational philosophy – we value learning how to learn and focus on the growth of every student. In this way, we work with students to set learning goals and develop pastoral programmes based on a student’s individualized learning preferences and interests, to build a student’s independence and passion for learning.

Middle School Programme Science

The MYP is capped by an independent learning project. All Grade 10 students complete a meaningful product or outcome over the course of the school year, which encourages them to practice their research skills, consolidate their learning, and reflect on the outcomes of their years in the MYP.

Above all, Middle School should be fun and I am privileged to work with incredible, dedicated, and inspiring teachers.

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