Osaka YMCA
International School

Welcome to the Diploma Programme

Dear Prospective Parents,

The Diploma Programme at OYIS is a challenging, academic programme which prepares students well for university pathways. Our school is a safe community of learners and teachers who work together to ensure that all students have a positive learning experience.

Students at our school engage in a range of academic, athletic, service, and extracurricular activities that help them develop important 21st Century skills like creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

Our Diploma Programme is student-centered. OYIS teachers work with students one-on-one to determine their learning needs and to plan education together. Because of our small class sizes, teachers are able to foster academic relationships with all students and to provide timely individual feedback.

One of our biggest strengths as a school is our experienced DP teaching faculty. Our teachers have taught the DP extensively at schools around the world. Due to our teaching and support staff, we provide outstanding support for student learning needs. Our social and emotional counselor works with students to advocate for their needs and to develop strategies to succeed. Our academic support coordinator works with students and teachers to facilitate an effective learning experience for all students.

In our Diploma Programme, students study the full Diploma or for DP course certificates. All students at our school study English, a second language, social science, mathematics, and science. In addition, students have a choice over their sixth area of study. Students at our school also study Theory of Knowledge in DP year one which explores the nature of knowledge, values, and truth.

As a school, we embrace diversity and we look forward to welcoming new students into our learning community. We look forward to meeting you on your visit to our school.

Best regards,

Jamie Riddalls
DP Coordinator






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