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Student Schedule

Getting the day started...

I arrive everyday at the Tosabori campus around 8:30am. I take the elevator up to the ninth floor and put my belongings in my locker. I wash my hands, meet my friends, and prepare for the day. Sometimes I do some work in my homeroom or in the library.

Studying in the morning!

After homeroom, I have three classes before lunch. I really enjoy DP Chemistry because I love learning about reactions! It is a little challenging, but I think our teacher is really preparing us for the exams well. I want to study chemical engineering in university.

Our mid-day break!

We eat lunch from 11:50am until 12:20am. Sometimes I bring lunch from home, but today I went outside the school and bought something extra. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we can use the gym to exercise. Today I just wanted to spend time with my friends, so I stayed in one of the classrooms until lunch break was over at 12:50.

Back to studying!

We have three more classes after lunch. I am also taking DP Mathematics, which is my hardest class. One of the reasons I like it is because I learn how to apply what I learn in the classroom to the outside world!

After-school activities!

After classes finish, I have an after-school activity: band! I have been playing a musical instrument since I was in the PYP, so I am getting pretty good. I like to have the chance to play with my friends.

All finished - let's do it again tomorrow!

Today is finished! Our teachers dismiss us at 4:oo. I usually go home on the train, unless I have an after-school activity. 

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