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Pathways to Graduation

Why have 3 graduating pathways?

Each student is unique. Their aspirations are different. This is why we offer the flexibility of 3 graduating pathways. All of our graduation pathways include an Osaka YMCA International School Diploma which is recognized by universities around the world.

We encourage all of our students to consider the IB Diploma Programme, which is the most rigorous academic program offered at OYIS. However, students may choose to pursue the International Baccalaureate ‘Course’ qualification or to simply graduate with the OYIS Diploma. Each pathway can be a good fit, depending on the individual.

OYIS Graduation Pathways
What if my child only takes the OYIS diploma?

The OYIS Diploma will be accepted by some universities worldwide. Osaka YMCA International School is accredited by WASC, which assures a level of quality and ongoing improvement in the school.

Is OYIS selective about who can take the IBDP?

No, we welcome all students who are interested in pursuing the Diploma Programme to try.

Will all students take the IBDP?

We would love all students to pursue the challenge of the IB Diploma Programme, however, the academic rigor and self-management skills might not match every child's development by Grade 11. Students are also required to meet a variety of entry requirements which might be a challenge for some students. We support our students in secondary school with academic advisors and counselors to help all of our students prepare for this challenge.

What is the benefit of being a Course candidate?

The courses in the IBDP are excellent preparation for university learning and allow students to take a deep dive into subject learning areas of interest. Students who want more flexibility in course selection and are not ready/interested in pursuing the IB Diploma Programme can benefit from enrolling in these challenging courses as a stepping stone to postgraduate education. All students who graduate from OYIS are supported to be ready for life's challenges.

What advantages does the IBDP give students?

The academic rigor of the IBDP will prepare a student for entry into any university worldwide. It represents one of the most rigorous, valid, reliable and balanced wide-scale educational assessments available. The IBDP also provides an education that is broad and balanced, holistic in approach and develops students that are internationally minded.

How does OYIS develop the whole child for graduation?

  • Experiential learning adventures
  • Action and service opportunities
  • Co-curricular activities and clubs
  • Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL's) embedded in each unit of instruction
  • Learner Profile attributes emphasized holistically
  • Personal project in Grade 10

Which universities do OYIS students go to?

OYIS' first cohort of 12th graders will be graduating in June 2023. Check back then to see where they go!

Who can answer my questions about graduation at OYIS?

Should you have any questions about OYIS' three graduation pathways or any other aspects of our curriculum, our Admissions Team would be happy to speak to you. E-mail us at [email protected] or call +82-6-6345-1661.

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