Osaka YMCA
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Student Schedule

Primary Years Student Schedule

The school day begins...

Good morning! I arrive around 8:30am and have a few minutes to play and chat before the first bell of the day sounds and I change my shoes, wash my hands, and head to my classroom. We start the day with a circle time. It’s a great way to check in with everybody and talk over things we are excited or worried about.

Time to learn!

We have three lessons in the morning. Sometimes we are in the homeroom with our teacher inquiring into big ideas, working on writing, or problem-solving in math. At other times we are in art, music, PE, library, or Japanese class. It’s busy but fun!

Lunching and munching!

When lunchtime comes around, I eat lunch with my friends. Some of us eat school lunch, and some bring our lunch from home. Afterward eating, we head outside for recess or up to the library to hang out and read our favorite books.

After lunch...

In the afternoons I have more chances to inquire, learn and play with my classmates. We finish the day with another chance to talk about what’s on our minds.

Home time... or after-school activities!

At 4:00, for some of us it’s time to head home. But for me I have a club today! We have a wide choice of clubs, some sporty, some artsy…hmm it’s tough to choose sometimes! My club today is basketball. See you tomorrow!

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