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Welcome to Early Childhood

Dear Prospective Parents,

We are a play-based kindergarten catering to children 3-6 years old. We believe that children learn and thrive through meaningful play. Our facility is purpose-built so we can set up engaging activities both inside and outside. We all have a lot of fun interacting and playing together so that the children’s ideas and interests are accommodated, with teachers and students co-creating the play centers. This gives the children agency over their learning. The activities challenge the children in their thinking, encourage them to solve problems, manage conflict, and demonstrate creativity leading to further inquiry and deeper thinking.

As well as the knowledge and skills they learn,  the children gain a sense of belonging and of being a valued member of the community.

At our Early Childhood center, we value diversity and love to welcome new members. We look forward to seeing you when you have a chance to come and visit.

Kind regards,

Judith Masaki
Early Childhood Programme Coordinator

Early Childhood Studies

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