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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 & OYIS Policy

Any students who show any signs of illness will not be permitted to attend school. If any member of the household has symptoms of Covid-19, or if any member of your household is under home quarantine, please do NOT send your child to school. Please do NOT send your child to school if they are showing any symptoms of illness which could be passed onto another child or adult.

COVID-19 Close Contact Form

Please fill out this form if you have recently been registered as a close contact with a student or staff member at OYIS.

Emergency Evacuation for Nakatsu and Tosabori Campuses

Nakatsu Evacuation Center

Tosabori Evacuation Center

OYIS Disaster Readiness & Policies

Earthquake Readiness

In Japan, schools must always be prepared for a potential earthquake. OYIS runs several drills a year for earthquake evacuations, including evacuating to safe zones.

Fire Drill Responsiveness

OYIS runs fire drills at both campuses multiple times a year. Drills can be announced ahead of time or can be a surprise to test readiness.

Tsunami Preparedness

Both campuses are prepared in the case of a tsunami following an earthquake. Luckily, the Tosabori campus is already quite high, and the Nakatsu campus is able to evacuate to the roof.

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