Osaka YMCA
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The Arts at OYIS

From student art exhibits to performances to musical concerts, the arts are woven into both daily life and the curriculum at Osaka YMCA International School.

Theater, visual arts, music, and cultural events and activities help OYIS students discover and flex their innate abilities to feel, to act, to question, to reflect, and to imagine.


How we create art...

Creating Art
Responding to Art

Creating Art in Early Childhood

In Visual Arts…

We are curious artists in EC and create art daily!

We explore with painting and drawing tools.

We build and design with different materials.

We use our imagination in creative ways.

In Music…

We use vocal sounds, rhythms, and instruments to express feelings and ideas.

We explore sounds to express imaginative ideas.

We perform music both individually and collectively.

We create our own basic music instruments.

Creating Art in the PYP

In Visual Arts…

We are thoughtful artists in G1-6 and enjoy being creative thinkers!

We use collage, painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture to express our ideas and feelings.

We take risks in our art and experiment with new art-making processes.

In Music…

We draw on our imagination, experience and knowledge of materials and processes as starting points for creative exploration.

We can make connections between our work and others.

We communicate ideas and express emotions in our creative processes both independently and collaboratively.

Creating Art in the MYP

In Visual Arts…

MYP Artists are creative communicators.

We aim to make an impact with the art we create.

We develop our artistic skills on both physical and digital platforms.

In Music…

MYP Musicians are creative performers and composers.

We aim to deliver meaningful messages through our music works

We understand that the music creation process is a journey from abstract (and idea) to concrete (a piece of music)

Creating Art in the DP

In Music…

DP Musicians explore the music creative process through a rich variety of cultural contexts.

We understand and consider the ethical impact our work may have on different audiences.

We engage with different music practices, conventions, and forms of expression.

Responding to Art in Early Childhood

In Visual Arts…

We celebrate our imagination and ideas by sharing our art with each other.

We ask questions and express what the art makes us think or how we feel.

In Music…

We can describe the differences in music and how it makes us feel.

We listen to music and create our own music in response.

We express our responses to music in various ways including drawings, games, songs, dance, and discussions.

Responding to Art in the PYP

In Visual Arts…

We look for, and find, inspiration for art in many places.

We share and talk about our art.

We celebrate, and reflect on, our progress as artists.

We make connections between art and the world around us.

In Music…

We respond to our own and others’ work and processes.

We modify our practice and compositions based on an audience’s response.

We are aware of the role that music plays in the world around us.

Responding to Art in the MYP

In Visual Arts…

We research ideas, artists, and techniques that connect with or challenge us. 

We document our creative processes to help us understand ourselves as artists.

In Music…

We reflect on our own development as musicians.

We explore music across different eras and cultures.

We understand the relationship between musicians and their audiences.

Responding to Art in the DP

In Music…

We present our ideas, research, and findings in a variety of authentic ways.

We use a broad spectrum of musical techniques and skills in order to shape, transform and change musical works.

We understand how artistic intention and its delivery influence audiences’ responses.

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