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OYIS Preschool class has been busy learning from home. The students have learned about traditions from different cultures including Thailand, Hungary, and Africa. They have had a lot of opportunities to try the games that children play in these counties. They have also been continuing to develop their phonics with literacy based activities. And we must not forget about all of their wonderful drawings and paintings that they have done for storytime. Way to go Preschool!


OYIS KA have just completed an inquiry on world traditions in their Where we are in Place and Time Unit. They explored various folk crafts, dances, stories and textiles from Africa, learned about ancient customs to make wishes and stay healthy, and ended with some cheery and colourful Easter and Cinco De Mayo creativity. Families also shared photos of recent traditions that matter to them.

KA also worked hard preserving many morning classroom routines, whilst embracing daily video challenges and class guessing games. Students demonstrated various Attitudes to Learning in their class tasks, and eagerly shared their wonderful discoveries and creations on See Saw regularly.

‘Zoom’ sessions began last week with some interactive themes like Pyjama Party and House Team dress up to create a fun and playful edge to the new KA way of being together online. Students found living and non living things from their homes (including a pet cat on Zoom!) to initiate our next unit about Animals and Living Things (How the World Works). We all miss each other so much, but our connection for learning together as a class is still strong, meaningful and always playful.


OYIS KB class has finished their How We Express Ourselves unit from home. They have worked very hard on completing assignments given online. Just like at school they have been given a number of activities and have been able to choose the activities they were most interested in so each child’s portfolio is different. As well as the activities for the Unit of Inquiry, most students have completed a morning writing task and a daily challenge incorporating one of the Attitudes to Learning. Last week the class started “Zoom” meetings giving them a chance to talk to their friends, sing songs, and dance as well as discuss the beginnings of the new unit on Plants (Sharing the Planet ). The students of KB are continuing to create excellent artwork and have shown great thinking skills as shown by their comments that have been uploaded to “Seesaw” Well done KB!

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