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Osaka YMCA International School


Orientation - 2019/2020

First day of school - August 28th

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope everyone has made plans to spend some quality time with their family during the break. As the summer gets underway, we wanted to give you some information on what the first day of school will look like in August.

The first day of school will be on August 28th. This is a full day of school, and all students are expected to attend. Please remember that beginnings are very important and that attending and being on time for the first day of school is a good way to set a positive rhythm for your child.

On the first day, we are asking parents/caregivers to come to the student’s homeroom class with their child to meet their child’s homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher will then give a short 20-30 minute presentation on the school’s expectations for the school year. After that, the administration team will make themselves available for a question and answer session. OYIS will also be doing more in-depth information sessions about teaching and learning at OYIS on September 16th before our welcome potluck.

Please remember the school day at OYIS starts at 08:50. This means that at 08:50, all students should be in their seats ready to learn. Children generally move slower than adults, so try to remember this when planning your daily routines.

Schedules, Services and Handbooks

Please use these buttons here to take a look at sample class schedules, our current school year calendar, handbook and school service information.


At Osaka YMCA International School, we use several systems to manage and improve student and staff experience. Please watch videos or read through the information on how to use these systems below as parents/caregivers.

Commuter pass

A commuters pass will help reduce public transport fees.